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SCC and Catherine's NHL Out of Town Scoreboard

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Only under extreme conditions will I go for the leafs. Tonight is one of the only nights I will ever cheer for those bunch of thugs and losers.


(can't believe I just said that)

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Fun. 7-4 B-Lo. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

dont let the score fool you, it was a close one (too close) 2 empty netters... Mike Ryan, who we called up from Rochester to replace Jochen, scored (like literally scored) on Miller... lol it was a fun game.

but God, these guys have to stop playing games like this. Theyre gonna give me a heat attack! :mrgreen:

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The coaches from both teams were chirping back and forth at each other while the refs were sorting thru this mess. Sure would have been nice to read lips on this one.

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Oh man, Miller was insane tonight - that glove save where he was down and then spun around and caught it...beautiful. I loved when he gave Mike Ryan that big hug after the game. haha

Wish I could have seen that crazy Caps/Thrashers game too...

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TORONTO -- Washington forward Donald Brashear was suspended for three games by the NHL on Thursday, stemming from a fight a day earlier between the Capitals and Atlanta Thrashers.

Brashear, teammate Brian Sutherby and Atlanta forward Scott Mellanby were automatically suspended one game while coaches Glen Hanlon of the Capitals and Bob Hartley of the Thrashers were fined $30,000 and $10,000, respectively.

Brashear was suspended for an additional two games under a rule that allows the commissioner to tack on additional games. He will be eligible to return Nov. 30 against Dallas.

Read more:


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I didn't get to watch the game Wed. so I'm celebrating now - WOOOOOOO! Habs 4-2 over the Wild baby! Go Habs Go!

And I didn't get to watch tonight's game but I listened to the third period (I just got home from the airport!!) And the HABS beat the SABRES 1-2 in OT. Yes, I am proud of those Habs =] Habs all the waaaaay!! :D Woo and I can't wait for the next game because after 4 days of no hockey.. I'm most definitely missing it.

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lol dont get too excited WTP, its just one game. :lol:

the boys played well last night. and SOUPY PLAYED AMAZING!!! :D

we had our chances to win this one...hit both posts, and the cross bar, vanek had 2 breakways in OT...this one just got away from us. No biggie.

we just gonna get our PP working.

Now, its off to New York!! 8)

PS: GO SOUPY!!!!! :mrgreen:

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LATE! I'm sooo dumb.. k? I forgot. I'm wayy too exhausted to bold all this stuff.. So.. you know who's in our division...

Carolina Hurricanes: 5 FINAL :D

Boston Bruins: 1

Columbus Blue Jackets: 2 FINAL

Philadelphia Flyers: 3

Phoenix Coyotes: 0 FINAL

Minnesota Wild: 4

Pittsburgh Penguins: 1 FINAL

NY Islanders: 3

New Jersey Devils: 2 FINAL

Anaheim Ducks: 4

Toronto Maple Leafs: 7 FINAL

Washington Capitals: 1

Ottawa Senators: 6 FINAL

Florida Panthers: 4

St Louis Blues: 3 FINAL SO

Detroit Red Wings: 2

Montreal Canadiens: 2 FINAL OT

Buffalo Slugs: 1

Atlanta Thrashers: 2 FINAL OT

Tampa Bay Lightning: 3

Los Angeles Kings: 3 FINAL

Dallas Stars: 5

Chicago Blackhawks: 1

Edmonton Oilers: 5

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7:00 games

Boston 3

Toronto 1 (Leafs suuuuuck!)

Phildelphia 4

Montreal 2 (boooo)

Washington 1

NY Islanders 4

Florida 0

Atlanta 1

Minnesota 3

Columbus 5

7:30 games

NY Rangers 2

Pittsburgh 1

8:00 games

Pheonix 2

St Louis 1

Detroit 2

Nashville 6

10:00 games

Vancouver 1

Colorado 4 (Yay Jose!!!)

10:30 games

Calgary 1

Los Angeles 3

New Jersey 0

San Jose 2


Just thought I'd help :wink:

Go Habs Go!

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=[ Aw man.

Rawr. Abby is just.. going to have an emotional breakdown soon. He loses tonight 4-2 and his two games he played before were both 5-1 loses... and he let in a shorthander tonight.. I can not believe it.

Funny thing is, after the Flyers short handed goal I was practically yelling at my TV for one of the Habs to beat someone up (I was hoping it'd be Steve Begin, but I remembered he got a ten minute misconduct and was sent out :roll: and then Sheldon Souray starts beating up on a Flyers guy.. fantastic. Oooooh how I love the physical aspect of this game :D

I'm disappointed though.. sooo many shots on goal.. it was crazy how the Habs were all up in the Flyers zone but they could not get it in =[ I am amazed at how Kovalev was practically a mess tonight, not catching passes left and right but managed to get a goal and an assist.. that guy is amazing.

Great game for the Flyers, congrats on the win.

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At least the Leafs lost to the Bruins. I don't like the Bruins either, but they kept Toronto from getting those two points...and it's always fun to see the Leafs lose to a bad team.

I have to miss most of the Sabres game again tomorrow because of work, blah. Its sad when the hockey highlight of my weekend is watching the Bruins/Leafs game.

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