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Forward Lines

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If Lavi dresses 7 defenseman, the lines have looked like this





*I've seen LaRose and Bayda switch thru the game. One shift LaRose is with Adams and whoever Lavi doubleshifts, another shift LaRose is with Ladd and Belanger.

At the STH open practice, Lavi said that he doesn't go by #1 goalie or 1st line, 2nd line, etc. So right now I'd say there is not a gurantee on who is the 1st line and who is on the 2nd line.

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Where is Whitney in this? How confusing is it going to be when Stillman is back?

I thought Whitney was on the line with Walker, but I'm not sure. When Stillman comes back we'll probably send Bayda back down to Lowell, and slide Ladd on a line with Adams and LaRose. So you put Stillman with Belanger and Whitney.

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Or they could re-unite Stillman with Brindy...... that was a very productive combo through the playoff run. Plus, Cole and Stillman played on a line together for a good part of regular season last year. My guess would be...



Whitney-Belanger-Ladd or Letowski

C. Adams-K. Adams-LaRose or Letowski/Ladd (when 6 D suit)

Will be interesting. I would think, as long as he can stay healthy, they would want to give Ladd regular ice time. So that could force some "odd man out" situations between Letowski (assuming he comes back), C. Adams, and LaRose if they choose to play 7 D-men.

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