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FNG Report Card: Part Deux

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this is the most civil conversation we've ever had....Section300 would be proud

True enough.

Just for fun, the next time someone starts raving about Johnson ask them the same question. You will get some very interesting replies.

I had one guy, who apparently went only by the hit Johnson had against Canada, try to tell me that Johnson was a pure defensive d-man whose offense would come around.

He is already very fluid offensively, but if you watch him on D he is not there yet.

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Is JJ an offensive defensman or a defensive defensman?

He has been described as the next Chris Chelios by some but he see's himself as being more like Vladimir Konstantinov:

Probably the most notable aspect of his hockey career was his aggressive style, specialising in getting opponents off their game. "For my game," he explained, "I don’t need to score the goal. I need someone to start thinking about me and forgetting about scoring goals."
Konstantinov was more than a pest, as some had taken to calling him; he was a skilled player.

Johnson is a pest, plain and simple. He loves getting people off their game and dishing out the big hits. Getting the crowd against him just makes him play even better he says. His offensive game is pretty good, too. He has a good point shot, I've seen him knock a goalies helmet off with it. I really think he's wasting his time playing college hockey, he's a man amongst boys, but to each his own.

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