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I took some pictures yesterday.. but they're all of Habs.

If you don't mind, I'll post some here later =]

I certainly don't mind. The more photos the merrier.

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I thought cameras with detachable lenses werent allowed in the RBC? Just wondering cause id love to get a better camera to bring in and get some shots like the ones above.

What you say is true for everything except Canes games and NC State basketball games. It's hidden in the fine print on the policies somewhere on the website.

Thanks for the comments everyone!

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Bring 'em on. Like I always say...the more photos the merrier.

We can start individual game photo threads this week.

For those who hadn't seen them on the other/old boards, the first person to have their gameday photos ready to share starts a thread for that game and then everyone else who has photos from that game adds to it. Much cleaner than everyone starting their own thread for photos from the same game.

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Well I finally uploaded all my pictures, and edited them. And I trust no one here will steal them.. besides, does anybody here REALLY want Habs pictures? So here goes, I'll show a few of my favourites..

Here's Rod Brind'Amour..


David Aebischer..


*cough* Glen Wesley..


And someone tell me just how weird Perezhogin looks in this picture.. it freaks me out..


A better looking Perezhogin.. fixing his helmet..


1st star of the night.. Cristobal Huet.. (during the pre game skate though)


Opening face off.. Babchuk, Staal and Kovalev..



If anybody wants to look at the rest of my pictures (there are PLENTY more) you can go to.. http://cldesigns.ajerman.com/love/Copies/ Enjoy! (but don't STEAL!!)

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Detachable lens cameras are once again allowed at the RBC Center. I took mine for Game 3 of 2002 SCF and had a long walk back to the car when they wouldn't let me take it in, despite my pleas that I would not throw my $200 lens from the third deck.

Now, I may have thrown it at the row of Dead Wings fans sitting behind me that I almost threw down with. Y'all have a great night and see you at a game soon.


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