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Oooh, I like this one. He's feisty!

Who on this board doesn't allow dissent? I've certainly never seen that. I think most of the people who use this board just get tired of long rants that are just somebody letting off steam inappropriately.

Look, I don't want to read a post that starts off with "This team sucks! I hate them! Why aren't they winning?!" and goes from there. You don't attack your own team, period. It's a simple rule of sports.

And, finally, if you want to register your complaint, do so in a constructive way. Many of the "THIS SUCKS!" posts don't contain a whit of useful information. They're either pie-in-the-sky "why didn't we re-sign Doug Weight/trade for Joe Sakic/genetically engineer a super-player in the Triangle labs" (how's that for lollipops and rainbows?), or else they're just pointless whining about how player X has really gone off his game and should be released/sent down.

Now, this doesn't excuse the very few people around here who act like jerks and try to put other people--even those with legitimate points to make about the Hurricanes' problems--in their place. I would just ask any critic of the Canes to 1. be constructive and start a conversation 2. don't use your post as a loudspeaker to bash the Canes or pitch your own personal pity party 3. be positive--worse teams have made the playoffs and even--gasp!--made the Finals.

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