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You might be a caniac

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YMBACI:2 The Carolina Hurricanes are the only Hurricane sports team out there lol

That's what the might is for? :XD:

It was good for a first shot, lets see you do better.

Edit: Thought you said aren't my bad.

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... should I go find the massive list of YKYACW that we had & bring it back here, folks? :lol:

... and a translation of YKYACW, cause im lost.

YKYACW: You Know You're a Caniac When ...




You know your half asleep when you cant realize that after making this topic.

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You know your half asleep when you cant realize that after making this topic.

It's time for Mr. CK to hit the hay, since it's 2:30 a.m. in Canesville. And, on that note, it's about time for me to grab some zzzz's: It's 11:29 p.m. in my fair city of Long Beach, Calif.

G'night, fellow Caniacs. Sleep tight ... and don't let the bedbugs bite! :lol:


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Haha, wish I was in Canesville, would be awesome to live in Raleigh. But yeah it's 2:30 AM in SC, but I don't have school tomorrow so its ok.

You're much closer to Canes Central than I am: 2,650 miles to the west, in Long Beach, Calif.

(yawn) OK, I'm really beginning to nod off. 'Night!


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Haha, wish I was in Canesville, would be awesome to live in Raleigh. But yeah it's 2:30 AM in SC, but I don't have school tomorrow so its ok.

You're much closer to Canes Central than I am: 2,650 miles to the west, in Long Beach, Calif.

(yawn) OK, I'm really beginning to nod off. 'Night!


Save up those frequent flyer miles? But your in Cali which I wouldn't mind either, not sure first hand how long beach is, never been past Vegas.

Again, night. :D

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Okay, boys & girls, here's the whole list... again! :lol::lol:

1. You know the "Let's Go Canes song"

2. www.carolinahurricanes.com is your homepage

3. You may have thought of scooching up the light poles at the RBC to get one of the little flags off for your room

4. You go to the "Cool Bars"

5. When the Canes schedule has to be consulted before making any other plans

6. You have an area dedicated to the Canes

7. Your friends make fun of you for that area.

8. You had to leave the room when there was a Canes game on because the other people in the house wouldn't leave you alone and let you watch in peace.

9. You are constantly finding pictures and posting them in the puckbunny area. (Maybe that's just the women).

10. You spent most of your paychecks buying Carolina gear off NHL.com since you no longer live in the area.

11. You can name the entire roster.

12. You have met the Canes at practices or games.

13. You add things to this list.

14. You laugh at things others post and are getting ideas. (Like, #3 for example.)

15. You can relate almost anything to a Cane player or something that happened during the season.

16. You found a loophole on how to wear canes gear to work, because of the dress code.

17. The only website you visit with any regularity is CH.com even if you have been up since 6 am and it is now 2:30 AM

18. You actually use the word Caniac to describe yourself.

19. You try to convince your husband, friend, significant other, that stealing the big banners that they had up for the Select-A-Seat is a reasonable idea.

20. when you can turn any conversation or meeting into a discussion about hockey andor the Canes

21. you wore your white Stanley Cup locker room T-Shirt for the group family reunion picture (everyone was told to wear a white shirt)

22. Canes fans started coming out of the woodwork at your school/work when the Canes made it to the final round.

23. The hockey season has been over for two months but you still have your car flag up becuase it just doesn't seem right not to!!

24. When you think of the hockey season as being 2 weeks and a day away, not 2 months over

25. You have found yourself experiencing interesting "withdrawl symptoms" over this summer.

26. You do embroidery involving not just hockey, but the Hurricane colors.

27: You paint Hurricanes murals on the walls....At school.

28. You teach your 4 year old son who is smart but had PDD, what the Hurricanes symbol is and tell him to discuss it with some of his Dads friends who are Bruins fans.

29. You make frienship bracelets involving the Canes colors. (And I will be happy to make some for forum members for a small fee.

30. You try to get someone to design a bracelet with the Canes logo on the friendship bracelet forum. (Ok, I have no life. Leave me alone.)

31. You cried (as a 35 year old quietly as my kids were sleeping) when Justin Williams scored the empty net goal and was overjoyed your team since 1986 finally won the Cup

32. When a coworker, out of simple consideration because they know you are a fan asks innocently enough... "so how was the hockey game last night?" and you don't shut up for 30 minutes!!!!!!!

33. Your 21 year old son rolls his eyes at you every time you play "Rock you like a Hurricane" before any game starts on TV!!!

34. You and your better half flew 2,650 miles from L.A. to Raleigh,

35. spent about $2K on five awesome days in Canesville,

36. went to two Canes practices that week,

37. glowed as nearly every Canes player signed your yearbook, and

38. reveled in two marvelous Canes games at RBC. BLISS!

39. You pick the color of your new car by seeing how good each color looks with the canes flags.

40. You start grouping people as "hockey fans" or "non hockey fans"

41. Any homework assignment at all that can WILL involve the Hurricanes.

42: You randomly start doodling the canes logo on all of your assignments

43: Your friends start calling you a hockey freak, but you say, "I'm not a hockey freak, I'm a caniac!"

44: If you've stood up through an ENTIRE canes game.

45) when you go to NHL.LIVE & listen to the SCF game 7 playback almost 3 months after the fact... which I'm doing this very minute.... & Aaron just scored the first goal of the game.

46.) When you no longer watch TV, because the Hurricane's DVD is always playing.

47)You'll know you're a Caniac when you go to the EYE instead of the mall just to be able to be close to the ice.

48: You buy some water softener salt, mix it in a glass of water, and freeze it so you can smell the ice a little early. Maybe you tint it blue for the blueline.

49: You sleep in your personalized jersey.

50: You find yourself going through your pictures from last season and wondering who is going to have what haircut this season.

51. you name the new litter of kittens after the starting line for the Canes (PS JWillie is still available for adoption)

52: When you dream, you dream about hockey.

53: You dream about Brindy getting the Stanley Cup. Over and over.

54: You think "Olympia driver" would be a wicked awesome job if they let you drive the John Deere one.

55. If you wrote on the back of a t-shirt "COLE 26" to support him after his injury.

56. If you use your Hurricanes jerseys in gym class hockey.

57. Your SN/email address has something to do with the Canes.

58. You think of the Canes whenever you hear Rock You Like a Hurricane, The Rising, We Are The Champions, Stronger, Champion, etc.

59. your dream vacation is to follow the team on the road from arena to arena for a week (or longer) of away games

60. your published work project planner has game days clearly marked

61. your associates follow the game online even though they are not hockey fans----so they know when it is "safe" to page you (i.e. during intermission or after the game unless the building is on fire)

62) When, for every home game since March 4th, you wrote "Erik 26" on one cheek & "Cole 26" on the other, in eyeliner, until he came back to play on home ice in game 7 of the SCF.

63. ... if you've heard "Let's Go Canes" in your head at least once a day since January.

64. ...you think of a racy (in this case, meaning mildly indecent) response to this question, but you don't post it out of respect to the younger Caniacs that read the boards.

64: Your dog/cat/fish/vertabrate pet is named after a current or former 'Cane, regardless of whether you named them or not.

65: You woke up this morning wishing it was September 14.

66: You watched the postgame coverage of the ECF game 7 this week, and you did your best Justin Williams imitation during his postgame interview.

67: (Especially in Pennsylvania) You see a Flyers fan and you make darn sure they can see your "2006 Stanley Cup Champions" shirt.

68: " " New Jersey Devils fan " "

69: " " New York Rangers fan " "

70: " " Pittsburgh Penguins fan " "

71. You fly your Canes' car flag IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. How's that for devotion?

71a. and you are the envy of Southern California because your team is the Stanley Cup Champs!!

72. You make a point of bringing every item you own that says "Stanley Cup Champions" on it to Buffalo every time you go and visit your in-laws.

73. When you buy extra stuff at the eye and get extra stuff at the games so that you can send it to fans that can't be there for a variety of reasons!!

74. When you contribute to Canesgate by sending one of your favorite Caniacs something to toast the new season with!

75. You proudly sport the red "RELENTLESS" wristband

75. When you use your lunch break to drive down the highway and find a Canes sign to snap a photo of with your cell phone JUST to come back and post it on this board for all us Caniacs!!!!!

76. When you've been on the Canes' forum for most of Friday!

78. When you're constantly peed off at SportsCenter for its general lack of Canes coverage. (Hello? Where are the features regarding the players getting the Cup for a day?)

79) When you refuse to erase any recording of any playoff games, news coverage, or parades off your DVR.

80) When you've watched game 7 for the umteenth time and still choke up watching Brindy raise that cup!

81) When your constantly listening to XM radio hoping to hear anything pertaining to the Canes.

82) When you find yourself checking other team's boards just to see if there's any mention of our team(the Champs!)

83) When you start checking this forum at 9:00pm and soon realize that it's almost 2:00am

81) When you have read 80 reasons why you are a caniac.

82)Spent every day at work looking at the forums and website for any updates and news (Dangit no updates on the blogs nuuuuuuuuuuuu!)

84. It's 2:30 a.m. ET (11:30 a.m. PT), and I'm still posting here despite the fact I have to get up at 4:20 a.m. to start a 20-mile marathon training run at 6 a.m. (How's that for a fan getting athletically involved, fellow Caniacs?)

81a. And you realize most of them apply to you.

85. When you live in SC and they don't show the televised games on FSN that are supposed to be viewed in both states. And you call the cable company to tell them to change it to the game or your going to cancel your subscription.

86. When your car is decorated with Canes logos and you blast "Rock you like a Hurricane" on campus, and people stare at you like your life is on the line.

87. When your a college student in SC and went to EVERY playoff game last year and spent over 5k on tickets/gas/apparel.

88. When your looking for a graduate school and you pick NCSU because it is the closest to the RBC center!

89. When you dream about opening night and the canes beat the sabres 77 to 3. I actually had that dream!

90. When you search your sports section of the paper delivered to your doorstep, the Los Angeles Times, every day for any tidbit of Canes news

91. You stress when you are reading the morning paper because there is no Canes news or Hockey News (can't they do reruns like tv does??)!!

93. It is mid-day and you are still logged into the forum (and are the only one logged in) in case there is any late breaking Cane's news worth discussing!!

94. The "Last 10 messages" page on the CH forum is one of your 3 firefox tabs you keep open all day at work and periodically refresh.

95. When you feel totally because the Canes won't be showing up in your part of the country this season.

96. When you've got so much Hurricanes stuff on your walls you don't even remember what color your walls are painted anymore!

97. You relate numbers in daily life to the Canes players. For example, you see the number 14 and think "hey, it's Kevyn!!!"

98. Your son learns to recognize numbers by relating them to his favorite players' jerseys."What number is that Dominik?""That's 12, Eric Staal!""That's 30, Cam Ward""That's 17, Rod Brind'Amour"

99. As I complete all 26.2 miles of the Long Beach Marathon on Oct. 15, I'll think of Erik's number 26 -- and, of course, his gutsy recovery from that ghastly neck injury. Of course, if he can come back 100%, I can finish a puny 26.2 miles any day!

100. when your pets "perk up"recognize the words HOCKEY and HURRICANES more than they do the word TREAT and if you tell 'em its game time, they all assume their favorite TV viewing position.

101. You glance up at the weather channel and see the Hurricane beach flag thing and something that says "The Hurricane Authority" and you think of the NHL team, not the storm.

102. When you're sitting in your English class supposed to be writing a paper and yet you can't seem to leave this forum.

103. when you head to the bathroom for your morning ritual with newspaper and coffee in hand then smile ear to ear because the front page has a tag line about the canes and half the front page of the sports sections does!!!

104. When ...

Sept 14, 2006, 11:03am, caniac97 wrote:... you head to the bathroom for your morning ritual with newspaper in hand ...

.. and then because:

a) there's STILL no news about the Canes (thanks, LA Times), and

B) this rather heartbreaking story is on the front page of the Times' sports section:

Kings' O'Sullivan Ready to Skate Beyond His Past (http://www.latimes.com/sports/hockey/nhl/)

105. For your birthday you get hurricanes car flags

106. Your friend gets you a card and decorates it with the canes, but you point out that in one of the pictures it shows a New Jersey Devils player hoisting the cup, and ridicule her.

107. When you stop by HockeyGiant in Anaheim (http://www.hockeygiant.com/), notice a white Canes jersey on a rack in the NHL jersey department, and do a little happy dance in the middle of the store!

108. When you glance quickly at the title of an article and stop as soon as you see the word Staal because it might be that they spelled Eric's name wrong and it's an article about the Canes.

109. Your parents are letting you get a kitten this weekend and you automatically want to name it after a Cane. I am! And I'm naming it Cole.

110. Your in New Jersey and you talk the hotel into free internet access so that you can stay in touch with fellow caniacs because a week without this would be terrible!!! and then they go along with it!! am i smooth!!

111. You buy corkwalls just to cover your room in canes things.

112. You can't wait for the Stanley Cup banner to be raised on opening night just so you can point and laugh at the Sabres fans in attendance...and laugh harder because of that new slug they wear....

112a. And laugh even harder still knowing that none of them can come considering the game has no public tickets. Mwa ha ha.

123. You plan to carve out some time on your 45th birthday to listen to the online broadcast of the Canes' home opener this Friday!

124.) You get EXTREMELY excited if your favorite player scores a goal on your birthday, or if he's a goalie, gets the shutout on that day.

125. You are out of town on business and the client you are working for has tons of filters that don't allow you access to this site (to log in and post). So you get up at 5am and go to bed at 11pm just so you can get all caught up on the post and stay in touch with your fellow caniacs.

126. You get on the forum while suppose to be working in class at school

127. Shortness of breath is occurring as tomorrow night, you're going to the first pre-season game! Butterflies are having a field day in my stomach at the present. Same as last year...Can't sleep, can't eat....anticipation is getting the best of me. I am SO looking forward to tomorrow night. Can't wait to meet and greet as many Caniacs as possible. Best place to find me between periods is heavily puffing outside, drinking a cold one and chatting it up w/ fellow CANIACS! I know it sounds silly but I can't WAIT to be in the same room as Brindy. What a man, what a man what a mighty good man ! I think I'll dance a little now.

128. your mailman asks if you are going to the game tonight when he sees you outside (he also announces Canes mail as he hands it to me). Think I am turning him into a Caniac

129 (hmmm ... 29. You spend four hours on your birthday on the Canes' board!

130 When you go to work and your friend tells you she exercized, did 3 loads of wash, and ironed 12 shirts before she came to work and you realized you spent the whole morning on the forum.

131 You're jealous because your birthday is off-season

132. Your mind is set on Hockey that it has taken 3-4 weeks to realize there are 15 minute quarters in NCAA Football rather than 20 minute periods. Seriously!!!!!!!!!

133. Whenever your watching the ballgame and a buzzer-beating play takes place(i.e. Evans 34 yarder to Dunlap) you shout "he just pulled an Eric Staal.

134. You download "Rock you like a Hurricane" on your phone as a ringtone and play it whenever you get the chance to.

135. Upon reading #134, you immediately go to your cell phone provider to see if they have the same ringer for your phone and you get it so you're all set for opening night!!

107a. You're in Potsdam NY and spot a red Canes jersey in the window of a sports apparel shop as you drive by and you have to make a U-turn and get a picture because nobody back home will believe it! (true story)

136. You go to the Verizon store to get the USB cable for your phone so you can upload the RBC Center horn as your ringtone... then scream and gnash teeth because you can't figure out how!

137. You plan your trip to deliver your son to school at SUNY-Potsdam around a side trip to Oswego, NY just so you can visit the hometown of Erik Cole and get pictures of the signs erected there in his honor.

138. You hang enough Hurricanes stuff from your car so that at least one piece can be seen from any angle and drive from Raleigh to Potsdam looking for license plates from Quebec, or New Jersey or anything that would identify fans of another team just so you can pull up next to them, smile, wave, and watch the reaction.

139. When reaching the junction of I-81 and I-90 in NY you feel a compelling urge to spray pint "Highway to Hell" on the sign for I-90 West (to Buffalo).

140. Your Hurricanes t-shirt collection has its own drawer.

140a. Your Hurricanes t-shirt collection needs its own drawer.

140b. One of the chief reasons for 140(a) is that you never throw out your worn out Canes tees, you retire them.

141. You've done the "Time Warp" on rollerbaldes at a Halloween party

142. Two words: "Fan Jam"

142a. Two more words "Greensboro Coliseum"

143. You fume because your plans to build an exact replica of the Stanley Cup are being frustrated by a lack of detailed dimesions and none of the authorititative sources are responding to your requests for such information.

143a. You're torn between building said replica in fiberglass or cast aluminum.

143b. You've researched both methods enough to gain a working knowledge of how to do it both ways.

143c. You spent $65 on a CAD program to help you derive the dimensions from photographs.

143d. You're frustrated because you can't figure the blasted CAD program out!

143e. You measure the Stanley Cup.

143f. You spend an hour searching for the dimensions of the Stanley Cup.

BTW: The bowl is 7" high and and 11.5" in diameter. The base is 54" in circumference and 35.5" high. Thus, the section of the rings is 28.5" high-each ring is therefore 5.7" high.

136a. You download an application to convert an mp3 to a wav so that you can use the RBC horn as your email alert.

136b. You threaten the boss with thunderstix when he complains that the horn is not that of the St. Pete Times Forum.

143g. You get caught at work drawing the Stanley Cup in AutoCAD 2006 when you should be drawing house plans...

144. Your avatar on forums having nothing whatsoever to do with hockey looks something like this: [brind'Amour avatar]

145. You just received your season tickets and did a dance with them around your office.

146. You're mad because you've checked your mailbox about 5 times today only to find some junk, and the later times, nothing.

147. When your puter has been down a week and you get flu-like symptoms from not being able to get on puter and at least talk to fellow Caniacs in this chat room. My GOD ! Going almost a full week w/ no puter access almost sent me to the doctor. I missed ya'll !!!!!

148. you find out that your friend's uncle is ron the ref and tell her that you'll pay her triple the cost of the opening night tickets if shell get you some from him

149. When your the reason that the CH forum is forbidden on the school's computer's lol. Yes my teacher did tell me it's because of me.

150. You still refer to the arena as "the ESA"

151. Everyone you know and even some people that you don't know that well come to you with all their hockey questions and for canes updates because they know that you'll know more than anyone else they ask.

152. You go nuts when you find out the original addy to the Canes' boards is on the blink ...

152. Your boss doesn't even bother asking why you're late the day after a game.

152a. You fall to your knees in gratitude when you're redirected to the new board.

152B. Amen!!!!! Fell to my knees in gratitude myself this morning after being redirected!!!!

Psssttt... found away around my forum lockout at work!!!! LOL

153. Your boss is surprised to see you the day after the Canes win the Cup.

154. Your boss has to tell you his wife took a nasty fall and busted her lip and all he could think was "She looks like Rod Brind'Amour".

155. You can recite directions to the team's hangar at RDU without consulting Google Earth.

156. You're on a first name basis with the guy that drives the "Original Cup Truck" and know where he parks at the RBC Center.

157. You know which NASCAR driver dropped the ceremonial first puck at the Canes' first home opener.

158. You entered the "Name the Mascot" contest (and should've won, dammit!)... twice.

159. You and other guys actually started a hockey magazine in hopes of having better access to the team (it didn't work).

160. You have an archive of better than 5000 game photos you took yourself.

161) You push your family trip back one day, even though its been planned since before the cup was won, so you don't miss opening night.

162) You become everone's new best friend when they find out you might have one extra ticket to opening night.

163. Non-hockey speaking co-workers avoid you the day after a game because they know any conversation you have will eventually become a dissection of the previous night's action.

164. Solving any problem at work or elsewhere results in a "WOOO!!! That's a Carolina Hurricanes goal! WOOO!!! WOOO!"

165. You physically rearrange your cubicle at work so you can read and post while simultaneously being able to watch for management types who wouldn't approve.

153. You're wearing a 'Canes jersey in your driver's license picture

154 (I think). You hear an advertisment on tv for Kohl's and you think "Cole?"

155. When you're bummed out that Versus hasn't yet shown the "Summer With The Cup" special in your market ...

156. When every time the news mentions getting your official Hurricane season guide, you immediately think of the team and NOT the weather

157. When you live in earthquake country, and you think hockey when you hear the word "hurricane"!

158. When you're a teacher and put the following example on the board for the "correct heading" for your students to use on their papers.

Erik Cole


159. When you just changed the wallpaper picture on your cell phone so that the Stanley Cup Championship ring is on there.

159a. you can't figure out how the get the stanley cup ring (canes edition) as the wallpaper on your cell phone and contact another caniac to help.

160. When posting on this forum is the last thing you do on your computer before you log off and hit the hay. 'Night!

160a. It's also the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning.

161. You ask your husband for a Canes jersey for your 45th birthday gift!

1** (I've lost track). You give your mom your second ticket to Games 2 and 5 of the Devils series for Mother's Day. (I know, some moms that wouldn't sound all that strange. But if you knew mine...)

1** (I've lost track[a]). You can't figure out why everybody doesn't give their moms tickets to Games 2 and 5 of the Devils series for Mother's Day.

1** ('cause I've lost track too): you read this post & think it sounds just like something your own daughter would do.

1**. You're torn between joy and disappointment when Round 1 of the playoffs is settled in Game 6. Especially since (a) you had tickets to Game 7 and (B) Game 7 would've been played on your birthday.

1**. You copy all of these posts into a text file so you can properly renumber the list and post it somewhere. (It's only about 1/3 done -- watch this space for futher developments.)

1**. Your laundry schedule is dictated by the number of games during the work week because you only have three Canes polos to wear to work.

1**. You were the receipient of tickets to game 2 against the Devils for Mother's day!

1**. You ruin Christmas by purchasing a Cole jersey your parents were going to get you. Yay me.

1**. You ruin Christmas by purchasing a Cole jersey your parents were going to get you. Yay me.

170-something-I-think: You've been sent out of town for a training class on Opening Night and spend your lunch hour scouting out a sports bar that will have the Canes Game on.

170-something-I-think(a): You won't leave until you've confirmed with someone in authority that they will have the game on (during their lunch rush no less).

171. Even after sitting thru last night's tripe you still love this team.

172 - upon seeing scores of "Caniacs" leaving w/ 5 minutes to go in the 3rd, you dig in your heels & stick w/ your Carolina Hurricanes until the last buzzer of the game, even when you know there's a slim chance in hell of even getting one goal out of the entire game, because you love your team THAT MUCH

173 - you stuck w/ your Carolina Hurricanes & didn't go anywhere after the disaster that was the '02-'03 season.

173a. And during the lockout.

174. You are still experiencing the "hockey withdrawl" symptoms from the offseason because the Canes have not won a game yet.

175. A few seconds ago, you just taught yourself how to play "Rock you like a hurricane" on the piano with your toes. Once agin, true story

174. You have the tune "Let's Go Canes" going through your head every day for at least five minutes.

175. You had your Opening Night ticket request form faxed to the RBC Center 15 minutes after the mailman delivered it.

176. You show up early to tailgate on game day, no matter how awful the weather:


177. You convince your Dad to get DirectTV because you live out in the middle of nowhere and the cable you currently have sucks. (But you don't tell him the real reason is that you will be able to watch the Canes games.

178. You do Halloween Caniac style and spend 3 hours at work painting the Canes logo on a pumpkin. (And it turned out darn good too! I'll post pictures later.)

179. You smile, nod, and laugh when rereading this list and realize that 90% of them apply to you.

179a. You smile, nod, and laugh remembering the stories behind some of these reasons.

180. And during the '97-98 and '98-'99 seasons when all you could really count on was undiluted abuse from the rest of the hockey world.

180a. Ditto for 1999-2000 and 2000-2001

180b. You still get chills from remembering Game 6 of the Eastern Quarters in 2001 when the fans blew the roof off the ESA while getting our heads handed to us by the Devils.

180c. You learned a whole new hatred for the phrase "small-but-enthusiastic-crowd" during the Greensboro era.

181. Nobody can convince you that the Canes are going to be the next victim of the Stanley Cup Snooze. Not even the Canes themselves.

182. You insist that history has it backwards and that Willis Reed actually "pulled an Erik Cole".

183. You have two Erik Cole magnets on the front door of your refrigerator.

184. You've done the "Time Warp" on rollerblades because your skates were taped on.

185. You look at the 10 most recent posts page and realize they're all yours!

186. You look disgustedly at the stupid flame decals that came affixed to your fancy new auto-darkening welding helmet and think, "If they were just red white and black I could deal..."

(But hey, it was on sale for $70... couldn't pass that up.)

187 - you steal a traffic cone out of the RBC parking lot solely because it says "ESA" on it.

187a: When you're waiting for the Canes' game to show up on the out-of-town scoreboard at Honda Center, the Ducks' recently re-named home ice.

188 - when everyone that works at the arena from the ticket window tellers to the ushers to the booster club members instantly recognize you

189 - when the ushers in a 4-section radius of the 300's take longer to move you out of the arena after games during the playoffs & Finals because they know that you're collecting all the extra lithos, towels, thunderstix, pom-poms, etc. left behind from other fans to send to Caniacs around the world who couldn't make it to any of those games

190 - when the ushers in that 4-section radius in the 300's ASSIST you in your collections of the extra lithos, towels, etc. by either pointing them out to you or handing them to you themselves... or both

191 - when you read the entire "You know you're a Caniac when..." list & still have more to add

188. Knowing that the Canes will come back strong, no matter how wack the club's start may be.

192. You are considering borrowing a playoff tradition to meet the team at the airport after a non-playoff roadtrip, just to show the team you're in it for the long haul.

193. You are counting down the days until New Years Eve.

193a. You are alsocounting down the days until your new jersey arrives.

194. You're not counting down the days till Nov. 2nd because you're afraid of getting your butts kicked by the Habs =P

195. You're hoping the temporary boards will still be here leading up to Nov 2nd so you don't have to deal with Hab's trolls posting 100 times that JWillie intentionally blinded Koivu

196. Your friends get so annoyed at you talking about hockey, they schedule a "No canes day" (which happens to be tommorow where you cannot talk about hockey at all.

197. When you cross the 26.2-mile finish line at your first marathon, you "pull a Brindy" by holding your arms high, hollering, bawling like a baby, and kissing the marathon medal the second you get it!

198. When you feel bummed out, after you've read the sports section of your local newspaper, that the Canes aren't playing that night.

Number Unknown. Your friends finally learn to stop asking about how the game went because they know you won't shut up if they start you.

Number Unknown 2. You find yourself glancing at the calendar everytime you pass it to see when the next Canes game comes on tv. I've gone thru every room in the house and inked in the games on the calendars noting also if home or away and what tv station is showing it. I go into DT's if I don't have hockey within 24 hour intervals. It's already been a long time since 10-28. Hope I don't have to be hospitalized

205(I think) : With a few days between games to kill, you start planning your away game road trip. Hmmm...Boston...Atlanta or Tampa?

206?. You've been planning a trip to NC and a Canes game before your boss even gave you the time off

207 - you know you're a Caniac when you've just spent the last 45 min. of your life cutting & pasting the entire "You know you're a Caniac when..." list from the other boards.

208 - When you give your spouse a pocket schedule so thay know where you'll be all winter.

209 - When you say goodbye to your spouse in October, and hello again in (hopefully) June.

210 - When you walk into the house and all of the red, white and black Fiesta dinnerware are nicley arranged on the shelf and your wife says "those are for game day only"

211 - you watch check out all the boards and sites to see if there is anything related to the Hurricanes.

212. You watch Hurricanes videos from the Hurricane website and YouTube Carolina hurricanes over and over just to see the great plays of the team.

213. You make sure if there is an important conflict preventing you from either not being at the game or in front of the T.V. You have that DVR or recorder ready to roll.

214. Y ou watch to see watch the Hurricanes fans have come up with in the way of creativity during a game or a tailgating.

215. You make sure your Hurricane plate is dusted and and always clean and visible.

216. You make sure you send comments to the Staff and Team during hockey season to show your support as well as posting and commenting on the forum regarding player and team activites.

217. You talk hockey when you can and where you can to non traditional hockey fans at a football game or elsewhere just to spread the interest in the game to not yet hockey fans. Just trying to do my part. Just love hockey and am so proud and trying to let others know what they are missing.

218 - When you get made fun of and hit in school for wearing your jersey but you wear it again the next day

219) You're trying to help 300 keep some order in this thread by making this post just to update the #.

220. You post to this thread just to pseudo-sticky it.

221) You do a search to find this thread just to bring it back...

222) Your day seems just a little bit better because you know this thread is back.

223) as bad as the guys looked last night you still feel we have the right guys on the ice!!

223 - You watch the Legend Of Chase McCoy video over and over again waiting with anticipation for his big Topless sceen with Brind'Amour.

224 - you know you're a caniac when..you sit at your computer watching the 'ask the canes' videos over and over again, and can pretty much recite them.

225 - You know you're a Caniac when you can recite the dvd almost word for word... & still cry when the 'Canes win the Cup, just like you did on the night of June 19th.

226 - ... you're still listening to Internet game broadcasts, even though your NHL fave is playing with another team.

227 - Even though you want to trash this team because of the last two performances, you don't. You remain optomistic that Lavi will figure out whatever is ailing this team and fix it...quickly

228 - And you continue to watch both games without taking your eyes off the screen, despite how horribly we're playing.

229 - You recieve an invitation to the STH party, read the details, then run around the house 10 times in excitment.

230 - Your final exams are less than perfect as a direct result of a lack of studying due to playoffs.

230a - (from the last South Park)........your know your a caniac when the Park County PeeWee hockey team could possibly beat the Carolina Hurricanes esspecially after these last two games.

231 - You'll skip a night out with the girls just to sit at home to catch a canes game

231a. You calculate that if you give up your apartment, you can afford front row full season tickets.

231b. You think this is a good plan.

231c. You read this and think Damn why didn't i think of that, apartments are overrated any how!!

232. The first thing you do when you wake up in the morning, come home for lunch, come home after work, before you go to bed and all other times in between that, you check out the topics on the boards.

233 - Your day to day mood is directly related to whether the Canes won or lost their last game.

234 - You become so involved in the games that you apologise for them when one happens to accidentally bang into a ref or linesman...aaaaaaahahahahaha

235 - You get so emotionally involved you get yourself banned for blowing up (2 or 3 times on different sets of boards)

235a - Chuck Kaiton is a household name.


237 - You sign on and find that one of your favorite threads has been severely derailed and locked. So you start a new one hoping it stays the course....please

238 - You wear your 'Canes SCC stuff to work and all the Flyers fans look at you jealously.

239 - You beg and pleed to stay on the board after making a total "Donkey" out of yourself.

239a - You stay up all night to fix the board from a spam attack! 300sec is my hero!

240 - You keep sneaking out of your own wedding reception at the Embassy Suites in Cary to see what's happening in Game 3 of the finals.

241 - Your new bride joins you in sneaking out of your own wedding reception at the Embassy Suites in Cary to see what's happening in Game 3 of the finals.

242 - You come home from honeymoon early to catch game 5.

243. You are talking with other Canes fans and make a reference to Game 7, and no one asks what round you mean.

244 - You take your 13 YO son to Game 7 and get home after 2AM from celebrating and manage to write a note to school explaining how he was late to school the next day because of an exceptional educational opportunity and best of all your wife buys it too

245: You have your birthday dinner at RBC:

Dad "Where do you want to go for dinner for your Birthday?"

son "to Dos Banditos"

Dad: " Oh a Mexican Restaurant thats cool... Where is it?

Son: "Right next to your beer stand on the third level at RBC..."

Dad: "Well I only have the two tickets for that night and that would mean mom cant go..."

Son: Thats OK I already told her she isn't invited...

246. Instead of lining the cages at the vet clinic with newspaper, I stole 2 pages because I saw pictures of Cole and Wardo. (The other was a big article about Jordan Staal)

247 - You intentionally DVR the game, and sleep on it because your too nervous to watch it, AND THEN watch it even tho you find out they lost badly before hand.

248 - You are deep in Oiler country and proudly brag about winning the Stanley Cup so much that you get boo'd off the awards stage at a Bible Quizzing Tournament!! Best day EVER!!.... That is besides the actual day we won the Cup!!

248a - your family decides not to exchange gifts at Christmas. Instead everyone is supposed to plan things to do together as a family (for the whole bonding thing), so you & your mom (who is 65+) decide to buy the whole gang tickets to a hockey game--NOW THAT"S FAMILY BONDING, BABY PS you are not-so-secretly hoping the family outing will bring some good "bonding" karma to the team

249) You go to the Trans Siberian Orchestra concert at the RBC Center with tons of pyrotechnics and you worry about what all that heat is doing to the ice. You also watch to make sure none of the flames get too close to any of Cane's banners in the rafters.

250) YKYACW you go to your very first NC State basketball game at the ESA/RBC & when Alabama gets the ball & is rushing down the court to score, you want SOOOOOOO BADLY to yell at the Pack players, "HIT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

251) you plan ways to smuggle in Christmas cookies to a home game because they are bringing good karmamojo to the team...and ponder ways to smuggle in the sparkling cidar...hmmmmmm.....

252) You wear your Erik Cole jersey to Pack games at the RBC.

253) You paint your dog black and red.

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254 - You call in sick for Mini-Plan holders day with the cup.

255 - everyone in your family gets something Hurricanes-related for Christmas AND poses for pictures in front of the tree holding their new Canes gear [i got the framed picture of Cole raising the Cup--way cool and money to get a Brindy jersey--WOO HOO!]. :-=

256 - You leave the radio on 102.9 so your pets won't feel left out when you go to the game.

257 -You win the cup 10 times with the same team on your video game system. Can you guess which one?

258 - Your NHL 06 franchise has not lost a game, the team scores 10+ goals a game, allows <2 goals against per game, eleven players have scored 100+ points, three have over 200, and two have over 100 goals in one season.

259 - you drive 700 miles each way to go to two finals games and then make a third trip to watch the banner get raised.

260 - ...and Ron Francis night

260a - You print out the entire thread of "message to the team" and give it to the coach for motivation in the locker room.

(this one's for you Brian!)

261 - When you go to the games you refuse to let anyone else drive because you are the only one with a Hurricanes license plate and flag on your car!

262 - Half of your fantasy hockey team is Canes players.

263. When getting around in the morning for work, you contemplate whether "Brind'Amour" is a good name for a men's cologne.

264 – You plan your kid’s 10th birthday sleepover party at a hotel complete with loot for the kids from The Eye, and ask the parents to pick up their kiddos at the Canes’ scheduled pregame skate at RecZone. Invitations to party stated: “please bring your own sharpie for autographs.â€

265 - You download Sir Mix Alot's "Jump on it" (the song Big Mike dances to) onto your PSP and play it for him next time you bump into him at the arena... Now don't go trying untill i've tested it out!

266 - You are one of the last people to leave a practice because you want to see as many of the guys as possible. You also get laughed at by the staff for standing around in 25 degree weather (due to wind-chill) with all of your body parts going numb waiting for everyone. And when told that your little group must be die-hard fans you let out a loud WOO WOO between chattering teeth!

267 - You have company from out of town..they are in their 60's and probably have never watched a sports game in their life and all you talk about is Canes Canes Canes......yeah that was my mother.

When you have spent your entire life as an ACC basketball fan and a season ticket holder for over 26 years only to watch the Canes and even out of market hockey games instead of ACC basketball. To attend NCSU basketball games wearing a walkman listening to the away Canes games! Woo Hoo!

268) you weren't even much of a hockey fan (had attended icecaps games, a couple of florida panther/boston bruins games but not with any enthusiasm) until the '02 run and now can't get enough canes hockey, canes news, canes merchandise, start every conversations with friends, family, foes discussing the latest game day analysis or other pertinent(sp) news!!

269 - You've been seen walking your dog down the beach with your Canes Jersey and your Canes dog leash when most people down here don't even know we have a pro hockey team in NC or what The Stanley Cup is.

270 - You buy a radio attachment for you ipod so you can wire yourself up sub-work clothes so you don't miss the really good games due to occupational misfortune. I had to restrain myself from announcing to the store "that's another carolina hurricanes goal, woo woo woooooo!"

271 - you're such a 'Canes fan, that during the '02 playoffs & Finals, your store manager at Winn-Dixie would come on the PA system while you were on shift and announce, "For all those interested, the score at the 'Canes game is..."...

272 - You hear Peter Laviolette talk about Rod's 'hairy eyeball", & you know EXACTLY what look that is.

273 - You have jersies of Mark Recchi, Marty Turco, Martin Gerber , Pavel Bure and other big name players...and you still prefer to sport the red and black of the Hurricanes

274 - When you have goal horns mounted in your party barn- and the neighbors love it!

275 - You take an Islander fan friend of yours to a 'Canes/Rangers game and tell him to stop swearing at the Ranger fans on the other side of the section because 'Canes fans have a reputation of class to protect.

276 - You know you are CANIAC when you have a "Stop Puck in Play Sign"from the RBC Center!!! (not me personally, it is a friend of mine)

277 - If while watching the weather channel you scream LETS GO HURRICANES; You might be a caniac

278 - The Carolina Hurricanes are the only Hurricane sports team out there lol

Okay - that's the ENTIRE list to date, ladies & germs.

NEXT!!!! :mrgreen:

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279- You're on a mission trip in Mississippi and run into another youth group's room directly after the Canes won the Cup, screaming "THE CANES WIN THE CUP!!!!!!"

Only to be chased out by a half-naked man in boxers.

280- You wake up every morning to the Canes' goal horn blasting at max volume on your CD alarm clock. :wink:

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31. You cried (as a 35 year old quietly as my kids were sleeping) when Justin Williams scored the empty net goal and was overjoyed your team since 1986 finally won the Cup

I still start ballin' when I think of that..

YKYACW:282 Your fav song is "All the way" by Gasoline Heart ) :) *thumbs up

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31. You cried (as a 35 year old quietly as my kids were sleeping) when Justin Williams scored the empty net goal and was overjoyed your team since 1986 finally won the Cup

I still start ballin' when I think of that..

YKYACW:282 Your fav song is "All the way" by Gasoline Heart ) :) *thumbs up

i wonder how many men on this forum will admit to crying when we did it!! i know i went thru a box of tissue!! i had sat thru so many "almost" season, and truly bad seasons then to see it all amount to something last year was overwhelming.

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31. You cried (as a 35 year old quietly as my kids were sleeping) when Justin Williams scored the empty net goal and was overjoyed your team since 1986 finally won the Cup

I still start ballin' when I think of that..

YKYACW:282 Your fav song is "All the way" by Gasoline Heart ) :) *thumbs up

i wonder how many men on this forum will admit to crying when we did it!! i know i went thru a box of tissue!! i had sat thru so many "almost" season, and truly bad seasons then to see it all amount to something last year was overwhelming.


listen to all the way by GH and tell me you don't tear up for the playoffs lol. The soing opens up on the Cup dvd too.

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Save up those frequent flyer miles? But your in Cali which I wouldn't mind either, not sure first hand how long beach is, never been past Vegas.

Again, night. :D

CK: I'm in Long Beach, which -- along with Los Angeles and Disneyland -- is actually in Southern California, a.k.a. SoCal. NoCal (Northern California) is the region 500 or more miles to the north, which includes San Francisco, Oakland and other communities.

If you're game for getting a quick look at my fair city, check out the Wikipedia listing of Long Beach, at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long_Beach%2C_Calif. I live in the heart of the downtown area, the neighborhood of the city's skyscrapers.

Without a question, though, I'll be heading back to Canesville in the future ... which, given where I live, makes me a Caniac! :mrgreen:


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What happened to my personal favorite???

YMBAC...if you have a set of goal lights mounted on your headboard and...

do we want to know when the lights actually go off??

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What happened to my personal favorite???

YMBAC...if you have a set of goal lights mounted on your headboard and...

do we want to know when the lights actually go off??

Are you asking in general or personally???

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