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Lessons to be learned

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Then again, last weekend, the Sabres still had a chance of winning.

Of course not all Buffalo fans are bandwagoners. However, since they were a successful team this year, there's bound to be many who are.

I remember seeing this somewhere, probably around this forum, but the Mayor (or some higher up) said something directly translating to "We suddenly have a lot of Buffalo fans".

http://forums.carolinahurricanes.com/index.php?showtopic=8035' target="_blank">http://forums.carolinahurricanes.com/index...?showtopic=8035[/post]

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I surely hope that we NEVER see the kind of crap on our boards as I have seen on the Buffalo Boards. They were bailing on the season before the 3rd period started down by only one goal. I am sure their boards are not a true representation of the majority of the Buffalo fans. That will remain to be seen next season. As a canes fan who endured 2 dismal seasons after 02 only to rise again be for your team though thick or thin.

That goes for all sports. I have been a Cowboys fan for 30 years. I can still remeber the year we won only 1 game. That was my superbowl and what a 1 man party I had.

I have 0 love for the Buffaslugs Team but I would never wish them to experience the crap I see on their boards.

In my opinion there is only 1 person who will take the heat for this IF they do not come back and at least make it interesting . That is Lindy. He is the reigning coach of the year.

One last point. I still see less in the media of how good of Ottawa is playing then how bad Buffalo is playing. Kinda ike last year huh? (This is changing).

My 2 cents for what they are worth. (about 2 cents)

Our message boards has always been like that. We go into a slump in the middle of the regular season and we get guys that say "Sabres suck, no cup this year"

But Buffalo has a lot of loyal fans too. After you guys beat us in last year's ECF they arrived at the airport and was greated by a crowd who was chanting "thank you Sabres."

The problem is the Sabres fans are pissed off at the lack of effort. Last year the Sabres put on a lot of effort, and with 4 injured defensemen was 1 period away from the Stanley Cup finals. Now we're the #1 team in the NHL and we're 1 game away from being swept.

I'll admit that our cup dreams are dead :(. But I'm going to "Party at the Plaza" tomorrow to cheer on my Sabres. It was a great season, and I will follow the Sabres for the rest of my life.


I second that! We have not put in enough effort in the last three games. Still, I will be cheering on the Sabres, have been for a long time and I will continue to love them no matter what happens! and just so you know our cup deams are not dead....we still have game 4. Even though it is unlikely that we will win four in a row....it is possible

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