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Ranking from 1 - 6

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1.) Gleason (absolute beast when on his game)

2.) Seidenberg (almost as beast as Gleason when healthy, loves hitting and can move the puck)

3.) Commodore (arguably higher if not for excessive penalties)

4.) Wesley (shot-blocking machine, but somewhat one-dimensional)

5.) Wallin (similar to Wesley, but gets caught out of position sometimes)

6.) Hedican (good at recovering from pinches due to speed, but makes a lot of boneheaded plays)

Dishonorable mention: Kaberle

Unable to rank due to lack of games played: Borer, Tanabe.

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Gleason-Commodore: Physicality, physicality, and more physicality. Would be a good shutdown duo with okay puck-moving abilities.

Seidenberg-Wesley: Seids usually plays better when he's paired with a veteran. Seidenberg's speed would be able to make up for Wesley's lack of. Both players love shot-blocking. Seidenberg would be used to start the breakout.

Wallin-Hedican: Basically Hedican's excellent skating would compliment Wallin's average speed.

Scratch: Kaberle

Your turn now, buddy.

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1-Gleason-when he is on is game he is by far our best defenseman, he just needs to find the consistency

2-Wesley-not the quickest, but his smarts and shot blocking put him high on the list for me

3-Commodore-just needs to quit with the stupid penalties





Tanabe I'm not rating due to his injury

As for pairings:





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I stand by my decision. He hasn't done anything for us, but he hasn't made everything worse, which is why I put him ahead of Kaberle/Wallin

Does that mean I should be ranked 7th too? Awesome I'm the 7th best Canes D-man ;)

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1. Wesley

2. Seidenberg

3. Gleason

4. Wallin

5. Hedican

6. Commodore

7. Borer

8. Tanabe

9. Kaberle


Wesley, Seidenberg

Gleason, Hedican

Wallin, Commodore (and/or Borer, Tanabe)

Handing out game flyers at the entrance: Kaberle (gives 'em something constructive to do ;) )

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Gleason Seidenberg Commodore Wesley Hedican Wallin Kaberle needs to pick up his game. Tanabe & Babchuk being we still have him trade them off for Mike Green .

Mike Green would be a great pickup, he's young, cheap? and just what most people here want, a defenseman who provides some offense.








I cant remeber how well Tanabe was playing so I cant rank him. I think Borer deserves to be here, but Id rather let him have more time in the AHL.

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1. Gleason - Really opened my eyes when Laviolette started playing him 22-23 minutes a game after Hedican/Wallin got hurt. Really solid in his own end and a terrific skater who can rush the puck out of trouble and up the ice. Needs more consistency as he'll go through stretches where he is hilariously out of position and gives away the puck.

2. Seidenberg - I'll give him a pass for the last few games as he was playing hurt, but outside of that he has been a very solid two-way guy. Does nothing particularly well, but nothing particularly poor. Lack of hockey sense will keep him from being more than a #4 defenseman.

3. Wesley - very solid positionally and a good shot blocker, but we often get hemmed in our own end because he is so slow to get to loose pucks.

4. Commodore - non-stop parade to the penalty box.

5. Hedican - bad pinches, bad penalties, awful lapses in coverage, atrocious giveaways. He can skate and that's about it.

6. Kaberle - whatever.

7. Walliln - brutal, just brutal. At least Kaberle offers solid skating and passing to go with his defensive incompetence. Wallin offers nothing on the ice.

Incomplete: Borer, Tanabe.

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1) Wesley

2) Seidenberg


3) Gleason

4) Wallin


5) Hedican

6) Commodore


I'd try these pairings and encourage the younger guys to play more physically, with a stiff warning to Comms to play clean. Having a vet on each pairing makes sense, and might push them to lead by example.

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1. Wesley

2. Gleason

3. Seidenberg

4. Commodore

5. Kaberle

6. Borer

7. Brookbank 8. Hedican 9. Wallin 10. Tanabe (Hedican and Wallin and Tanabe would all be scratched as much as possible)

Pairings...(I would dress 7 D-Men)

Wesley / Gleason

Seidenberg / Commodore

Kaberle / Borer

Brookbank (Enforcer)

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