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Lavi still doesn't get it...

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This team has some serious dead weight that we need to rid ourselves of this upcoming offseason...

the 3 that jump right off the page are Grahame, Kaberle, and Wallin.

I agree completely. Kaberle had been showing some improvement recently, but in the end, if one erased all the stupid mistakes (not mistakes of being overly aggressive or a bad bounce) that Grahame, Kaberle, and Wallin inflicted on the Hurricanes, they would be one of the top five teams in the conference. Today, I felt somewhat sorry for Grahame. He is not a world class goalie, but some of the scores were the result of rank amateur play by Kaberle and Wallin. Wallin's penalty in the first -- grabbing with a free hand on the boards in the first was astonishingly stupid. Goal #1. Kaberle's misplay of a pass and losing his stick, ranks as the worst single play I've seen all year by any Hurricane. Goal #2 and the game is less than seven minutes old. Game over at that point. Why keep up the facade with Kaberle and Wallin? They can't play regularly at top NHL level. I doubt we can do anything about Grahame this season. Nobody wants him and with good reason. He is the model of inconsistency -- or maybe he is just consistently erratic. If one takes into account the burden those three players put on the Hurricanes, the rest of the team (I note Hedican was out with an injury) played hard and gave strong effort. With the injuries and sickness it really was unlikely the Hurricanes could pull off a win; and I think Lavi gave Ward a rest to keep him from being hammered today. I thought starting Grahame was as close to conceding the game as I've seen. I thought at least Lavi would start Ward in the second period.

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