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The NHL is pulling out all the stops to get the Caps in

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It's people like you that give a fanbase a bad name.

And Tripp's not an announcer. He's a color analyst. John Forslund is our announcer Educate yourself on the matter before you make a statement. And besides, he's hardly what I'd call "the biggest homer announcer." John and Tripp almost never complain about the officiating unless it's blatently biased towards one side.

Just stay on your boards, and we'll stay on ours. And learning proper grammar might help you get your point across. "With Staal's diving" is not a proper sentence. ;)

Let's get a lock here, TSA. This subject has run its course.

Always runs its course when you don't hear what you want. Attack me for grammar? LOL you cant even spell blatantly. Staal's diving is not a sentence... it is a statement. Tripp talks more then the play by play guy... and you say they never complain about calls? I like the play by play guy... but Tripp cries every game.

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