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Who do you want to win now?

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Here's my general priority of who I'd like to win:


1.)Washington: I like Ovechkin.

2.)Ottawa: Ex-Canes factor.

3.)Boston: they were predicted to finish last in the East this year. Gotta love the underdog.

4.)Pittsburgh: Malkin's cool, but I don't like Crosby too much. Thus, they're in the middle.

5.)New York Rangers: Love Drury, but my hate for Avery and Orr cancels that out.

6.)Montreal: Some of their fans rub me the wrong way. Don't know why.

7.)New Jersey: Trap=Lame.

8.)Philly: Karma's a *****


1.)Colorado: Well duh.

2.)San Jose: Thornton and Nabby are awesome. Plus I'd love Roenick to be this year's Ray Bourque.

3.)Dallas: Turco's cool.

4.)Nashville: with all they've been through, it'd be cool to see 'em succeed. Plus they'll be playing Detroit in the first round.

5.)Minnesota: Rolston and Gaborik are awesome, Fedoruk and Simon aren't.

6.)Calgary: Dion Phaneuf needs to chill out with the hits from behind.

7.)Detroit: Well duh.

8.)Anaheim: I hate Bertuzzi, May, and Pronger, and I hate repeat champions.

I just hope the Avs and Sharks don't play each other in the first round. That'd suck.

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Since the Canes can not get it I would not mind seeing Colorado winning the cup this season. Would love to see some of the ex-Rats from last season getting a cup.

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Rangers will win the East; either Anaheim or the San Jose from the West.

I'm hoping it's a Rangers - Anaheim SC finals and Pronger gets agitated to the max by Avery and does something stupid and gets suspended................again.

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I would love if the Sens won it. Nothing would make me more happy than seeing Heaters, Spezza, Fisher, and Alfie finally get to raise that Cup.

Realistically, I think the Sharks take it.

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im pulling for colorado in the west being that they are next in line with my top teams.

as for the east...im not sure yet. maybe ottawa or washington. all i know is that i will not be pulling for NYR.

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I just wanted to say Washington fans (some of them) are a bunch of hosers. They actually sound like "sore winners." Because of our selling tickets in advance (which EVERY team in playoff position does) and because a few sportswriters and commentators said that we were going to make the playoffs, they're yapping on about karma and how we deserved this because of that, and the same "6000 fans care about the 'Canes" and NASCAR jokes. Excuse me, but HOW is Washington in any position to take shots at attendance numbers?! IT'S WASHINGTON!! And now they accuse all of us of acting we were entitled to the division title. Idiots. No wonder people make fun of our whole division, when teams like Florida and Washington are represented by fanbases with the collective brainpower of a snail. At least Florida's not in it. Normally I'd pull for another team from the Southeast, but not one whose fans show this level of stupidity.

These idiots, along with the media who can't get enough of Ovie, make me hope they get bounced from the playoffs in the first round. Hard. In a 4-0 series sweep, with Ovie scoring no goals.

I agree... I've really started to dislike them lately. Hopefully the Flyers will get it done.

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Hmmmm. I'll go through the WHOLE playoffs.


Eastern Conference

#1 Montreal vs. #8 Boston Montreal in 5

They've been playing well all season. Price, another up and coming young goaltender in the Habs system, has shown flashes so far.

#2 Pittsburgh vs. #7 Ottawa Pittsburgh in 4

Another team that has been on a roll lately and drawing the Sens in the 1st round is pretty much a given, especially with Alfredsson out.

#3 Washington vs. #6 Philadelphia Washington in 6

Again, they've been red hot. Philly is starting to get good goaltending from Biron and healthy.

#4 New Jersey vs. #5 New York New York in 5

Rangers have pretty much had the Devils number all season. Don't really see it changing, as the Devils can't score goals.

Western Conference

#1 Detroit vs. #8 Nashville Detroit in 7

Aging Red Wings, I really wouldn't be surprised if this one turns out to being the 1st upset of the playoffs.

#2 San Jose vs. #7 Calgary San Jose in 6

Nabokov has been stellar all season. My choice for the Vezina.

#3 Minnesota vs. #6 Colorado Minnesota in 6

#4 Anaheim vs. #5 Dallas Dallas in 7


Eastern Conference:

#1 Montreal vs. #5 New York Montreal in 6

#2 Pittsburgh vs. #3 Washington Washington in 6

Western Conference:

#1 Detroit vs. #5 Dallas Dallas in 5

#2 San Jose vs. #3 Minnesota San Jose in 5

Conference Finals:

#1 Montreal vs. #3 Washington Washington in 7

#2 San Jose vs. #5 Dallas San Jose in 6

Stanley Cup Finals:

San Jose vs. Washington San Jose in 7

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As much as I'd like to dream otherwise - the Avs are not Cup contenders this year. So - I don't care who makes it to the Finals just as long as it's not the Wild. The trap has gotta be stopped. Talk about a game-killer. Anybody other than the Wild..... and definitely not the Sharks. Can't stand the Sharks. Or the Ducks. Anybody but the Ducks. Man, I wish I was typing 'Go Canes' right now rather than who I hate. Sad but true.

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