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2009 Playoffs Pick'em Contest

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It's time to bring back my popular pick'em contest for the playoffs! It should be especially interesting this year, as our Canes are in the playoffs for the first time in the history of this game. In case you're new to all of this, I'll explain the rules. Before each round, you'll PM me your picks for that round (picks that are posted in this thread or anywhere else will not be counted). For each series in the upcoming round, you'll pick a winner and how many games you think that series will last. Here's the scoring breakdown:

First Round: 1 point

Conference Semifinals: 2 points

Conference Finals: 4 points

Stanley Cup Finals: 8 points

On top of that, in every series that you correctly picked the winner, you get a bonus point if you correctly picked the number of games that series went. That's why it's crucial that you remember to pick the number of games in every series, as those bonus points could make a huge difference once the playoffs end. The deadline to make your picks for each round will be when the first game starts in that round. Everyone can go ahead and send their first round picks in now, but we won't know the deadline until the NHL announces the first round schedule, of course. Good luck to everyone... and try not to let that Canes bias get in the way too much! ;)

FINAL OVERALL LEADERBOARDcongrats to coastal_caniac

Note: If your name is in gray, that means you're eliminated from title contention.

1) coastal_caniac (29)

2) maryh (25)

3) Agent_Deadpool (24)

3) dogbutler (24)

3) iamafirehazrd (24)

6) NYMethods (23)

7) kristinc (19)

7) rmilano (19)

9) fallen_apostle (17)

9) TSA (17)

11) Jazzowness (15)

11) spiz (15)

13) Buzzinator (14)

13) catamount (14)

13) gocanes88 (14)

13) Proud2BCaniac (14)

13) Ryan (14)

13) SuckaPunchd (14)

19) hockeybaby (13)

20) dinz (12)

20) dp1one (12)

20) TarheelMike (12)

23) architorture (11)

23) CMsynergy91 (11)

25) EricNCSU (10)

26) Legend (9)

27) DukeCaniac09 (8)

27) SwordofTruth (8)

29) DatsyukProspect (7)

30) Caniac2630 (6)

30) CANIAC4LIFE91 (6)

32) King Guru (5)

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Mrs. coastal_caniac thought the prize was a new car, but unfortunately I had to tell her it was only a big shiny trophy. So far, Canes88 hasn't come through.

A new car would be a silly prize. You can't hold that over your head.

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You get to customize your User Title, or is it just bragging rights. I don't care, I love playing these kind of games. I also did the Playoffs Challenge for NHL.com. Grand prize of 500 dollars for nhl.com store is pretty nice.

Well, at least I got to do that.

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Just an observation, there seems to be a lot of lower level empty seats at the draft, From what I remember at the RBC we were stuck on the back row of the upper level it was so packed. I am sort of surprised there are not more people there at a Canadian draft.

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