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Name Plates

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20west.com has name/number kits. Don't know how good quality they are.

A collector on IceJerseys.com's forums uses coolhockey.com. He says that they're good, even though they use regular tackle twill for the nameplates instead of the usual air-knit material.

Before you get a new nameplate, I'd see whether or not your current one is heat pressed on. If it's not, it's a simple matter of just removing the stitches using a seam ripper or something, and then taking it to a tailor to get it z-stitched on. If it's glued on though, you're gonna have to use some sort of chemical solvent or something. There'll be residue, but since the new nameplate will be wider than the current one, you should be fine.

If you have any more questions about this stuff, I'd go over to forums.icejerseys.com. Many of them actually do this stuff themselves, so they know better than I do.

And I totally sympathize with you being nitpicky over your jersey. My Sakic jersey's sleeve numbers are positioned too high up, and it drives me insane. Plus the stitching is all uneven and not professionally done... but it has good mojo, and that's what counts! :rolleyes:

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