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Goalie Cut 3rd Jersey ??

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I have tried every online site I can think of and even tried to contact Customer Relations through the Canes site just to ask if they could give me a source. Not trying to get on off a players back because I want my own jersey so figured they may be able to tell me since the team does order their jerseys from somewhere! So far no luck and I don't want to go the other route of buying a 4x jersey because without the goalie cut, the sleeves are too long and in my way (plus the velcro from my catcher will eat the material up too).

Just wondering if anybody has seen a goalie cut 3rd? Even open to advice on who to contact. Been searching since the jersey was first released and hit nothing but brick walls.

I guess worse case scenerio I just get one to wear skating around, traveling around town and when I am not playing in the net....but I already have home and away that I wear when not having to wear my team jerseys. I only have 1 canes goalie jersey and I had to piece it togethor 1 patch at a time. Was a pain and don't want to do that again....ever.

Keeping my fingers crossed that somebody knows something about this almost lost cause.

here is a reply from a friend of mine who is knowledgable in jerseys....hope this helps....

"He'll have to get a game-worn jersey from somewhere. Reebok doesn't often

sell the 58G jerseys on retail very often. And the third jerseys right now

are impossible to find in that size, as Reebok, in their infinite wisdom,

only released the 3rd jerseys to 56, although some of their larger

distributors do carry it in a 60 (no size 58, Reebok doesn't see that it's

necessary for a retail 58 or 58G, which is why I end up getting game worn

stuff all the time). Icejerseys.com is generally a good place to look, but

they are out of stock on the Carolina 3rds and aren't expecting any for a

couple of weeks. They are one of the ones who offers 56, then 60 (no size

58). If the guy doesn't like the sleeve length, my suggestion would be to

find a local seamstress that only does hockey alterations and have them

perform a sleeve reduction. I have a whole bunch of 58G jerseys, but there

are two that have been altered - Marc Denis and Rick DiPietro, both of

which, among other alterations, have had the sleeves shortened. I'd

definitely go the alteration route, unless the guy is willing to wait until

the game-worns from this year come out on the market and wants to pay a

small fortune for one."

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Thanks for the info. Guess my worst fear has been acknowledged. Since I don't want anybody's name/number on the back but mine I am going to have to go alteration route. Plus not keen on the small fortune since I can use that money on my hockey gear. Will be my first project for the new year once I settle in MN since I know there will be people there who can alter the jersey correctly. Plus, alterations here in the Middle East are cheap, but getting something done in a quick turnaround is impossible and nothing is going to keep me from hoping on that plane back to the US in 38 days.

Thanks again! Will try to stay in touch with ice jerseys and grumble about RBK till a new company takes over jerseys.

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