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Hurricanes closet sale...

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I also have tried to email you, but it has come back 6 times (mail server error). I also sent you a pm. Hope you get this.

Was having email probs, but back up now. In the meantime, I sent you a PM. :-)


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Hi All,

I've started updating the list and will be putting additional items. Anything to which I've accepted an offer and am finalizing delivery is now marked *Sale Pending*. I will be marking items that are recently added with *New* and anything that I'm working on details, but have not finalized a sale with *Offers*.

Also, I now have the first batch of photos up.

Hurricanes Stuff: http://s804.photobucket.com/albums/yy326/c...rricanes_stuff/

Other Stuff: http://s804.photobucket.com/albums/yy326/c...up/other_stuff/


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So....is there a deadline on this, opportunities for counter bids? a bit confused now...

On the first batch, I gave people several days to see it and email me. I gave anyone who offered on something that received multiple offers a chance to counter with a deadline. If it says Sale Pending, I have accepted an offer/offers if I had multiples and am now making arrangements to finalize the details for shipping or delivery. If it says Offer, I've gotten offers but have not yet finalized. Once I get offers on items, I'm updating to Pending to show it is sold and just need to do delivery. I am trying to finalize things fairly quickly as I get offers--I don't want to drag these out.

It'll be a rolling list with new items added as old items sell and drop off. Once I complete transactions (like the first batch of lithos) I'll be taking them off the list entirely. So, if you're interested in something, please email your offer.

HTH; if you have any other questions, feel free to contact me.


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Silent Auction for The Miracle League of the Traingle.

September 19th, 2009

Ben’s Place (Behind CarMax on Hwy 70) by the airport in Raleigh from 2:00 to 3:30 PM

1 - Framed Stanley Cup Champion, Rod Brind'Amour Autographed Poster

2- Framed Stanley Cup Champion

Eric Staal Autographed Print

3 - Carolina Hurricanes, signed hockey puck.

T Gleason number 6

4- Carolina Hurricanes, Limited Edition Bobbleheads, All 4 of the set.

Eric Staal

Tim Gleason

Scott Walker

Cam Ward

5- Brind'amour signed 16 x 19 wooden picture plack of him holding up the Stanley Cup


What the Miracle League of the Triangle is:

A Baseball League that gives ALL handicapped children the chance to play baseball regardless of their disabilities; this includes children who are blind, have Autism, Down’s syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and even children who are wheelchair bound.

Contact: Michael Kemmeries


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